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Glazing packers

. Plastic spacers for concrete... and much more.


manufactures solutions for industry, construction and commerce. From our renowned plastic glazing packers to our exclusive concrete plastic  spacers, passing through wedges and high resistance shims for levelling, as well as more advanced developments, such as our System Atlas of alternative to concrete plastic bases and our system for obturation of alveoli in prestressed concrete slabs, Holveus. Maximum efficiency and quality in all our products.

About us.

Jombar ®
is the trade name given to the products manufactured by our company. It was founded more than 30 years ago, and maintained by several entrepreneur generations devoted to provide our clients with the most exclusive and professional work possible.

The company started manufacturing products for the competitive Spanish toy sector, using plastic injection technology. This industry took different outsourcing approaches in terms of production and manufacture, which forced us to start off even a more ambitious journey.

A great effort was made to consolidate our own trademark and the future plan was based on the research and development of innovative solutions that did not exist yet in the international market.
Certificado ISO 9001:2008 por TUV RHEINLAND.

Jombar ® is synonymous with quality. From the beginning the company has maintained a policy of differentiation choosing the highest quality raw materials for its products. Quality in raw materials, quality in the design of its products, quality in the manufacturing process, quality in the service and environmental quality. Not to mention that JOMBAR is a company made up of people who work in an environment with human quality. For these reasons JOMBAR is leader in the markets in which it operates.

Our customers are proof of our quality.


Our mission has always been to provide our clients satisfactory solutions, for all industry sectors in general, but especially for the construction sector. We offer to a growing number of clients the experience, the know-how acquired during the long development upon which we have researched in order to improve your processes, and we have enriched our technical knowledge mutually with the final result.

Thus, the original mission, the raison d´être of this company remains the same as at the beginning, endorsed by the experience, adapted to new technologies, with the environmental responsibility as our framework and with the research and development as our work method. The whole company team works in the same direction, keeping up to date in terms of professional training and collaborating with research and training institutions in order to always provide the best solutions that our clients demand.

Our commitment to R&D&i intends to constantly improve our products, and consequently improve production costs and our client success.


Jombar has always been a company with environmental awareness and efficiency. The optimization of the resources use, both raw materials and energy, is a priority in all of our processes. Our company uses fully recyclable raw materials and implements energy efficient processes, as well as the optimization of the contaminating gas production. In addition, our products -highly efficient- improve the efficiency of our own clients too, contributing this way towards the general improvement of the resource use. Also, the use of some of our products reduces the use wood in diverse areas of the construction, for example. And also, Jombar contributes to causes for the defense of nature, and promotes the proper use of plastic materials, with information to its customers and the training of the staff of the organization.

Misuse of plastics produces deaths and pollution in the world because of the poor education in the use of these materials.
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Technical solutions in plastic.
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Jombar with the species in danger of extinction.
In principle, the investigation focused on the glazing and the carpentry (both PVC and aluminium) segments, that with the arrival of the “double and triple glazing”, needed new and more effective elements for professional glass installation.

This is how the patented and world-renowned “single glazing packers and 3 glazing packers bands of Jombar trademark” were born.

The research continued with another emerging sector: precast and prefabricated concrete products, used for public works projects and civil engineering. We wanted to create new technological solutions that could cheapen our client´s costs, being able to reduce working time, making pieces easier to use and therefore, reducing labour costs.

The development and implementation of the Quality Standard ISO 9001 is joined together with the search and the improvement of new economic sectors on which different answers that make progress business efficiency and competitiveness are possible.

ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED ID 9105079078